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a note about the change... 

Thank you to the incredible humans across North America who've supported The #EveryWoman Project! We aren't going anywhere; along with a few exciting things cooking behind the scenes (stay tuned!), we simply decided it was time for a refresh... enter: PERIOD PEACEOur goal remains the same: to embrace folks who need help acquiring biologically necessary period care products. We will also continue to be loud about period poverty and major issues surrounding equitable access to products and resources. 

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care package

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if you or someone you know could use a period care package, click the button above to submit a request.

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If you're interested in volunteering or starting a Period Peace team in your city, we'd love to hear from you!

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Period Peace

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If your organization is looking to get active with an impactful local organization, we'd love to chat. 

work w us


Period Peace works together within communities to advocate for equitable access to biologically necessary care products. Our volunteers strive to acquire period care products and assemble robust individual packages based on the average monthly need of someone experiencing their period. We then work with local individuals and residences who've expressed a need. 



We believe in celebrating business owners who provide period care products at no charge in their restrooms. The next time you come encounter this, we'd love it if you posted a pic and tagged #FreeLikeTP so we can feature these types of souls on our platforms, with love. 


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